Register now for Museum 2.0: Enhancing Exhibitions and Augmenting ObjectsThe Materials Migrations 3D print collection is complete and ready for artificial ageing. Read more about the process hereRead an interview with the Sainsbury Centre education team about their unique curatorial challengesRead a detailed account of the the 3D scanning process for Play it Again, SAMTake a look at the final drawings for a 3D sculpture design!Read the blog about 3D scanning SAM!Read an account of the design process for creating RP artwork here. Part of the Materials Migrations projectMaterials Migrations gets underway. Read the latest hereEnhanced Exhibitions project Your Tour will use real-time tracking to deliver information to museum visitorsRead about Mechanics of Wonderment - the first of the Enhanced Exhibitions projectsAnother Design with Heritage feasibility project just announced! Read about the Material Migrations hereThe first Design with Heritage feasibility project is announced: Play it Again, SAM!

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Design with Heritage is a twelve-month Knowledge Exchange project supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The aim of the project is to develop connections between designers, academic researchers, and arts and heritage institutions by identifying shared interests and creating opportunities for collaboration.The project investigators at UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage and the Victoria & Albert museum lead the two research areas and contribute their expertise in conservation, architecture, display and interactive design.Design with Heritage is supporting demonstration projects under the themes ‘Design for Enhanced Exhibitions’ and ‘Design for Augmented Artefacts’.

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Design with Heritage will also be writing a consultation paper for policy makers to highlight the need for better links between academic and business sectors. The paper aims to spark a debate on the requirements of a truly stimulating environment for the Creative Industries.