Your Tour

Team: Dr. David Scott, Nell Croose Myhill (Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts), Roger McKinley (FACT Liverpool).

Your Tour is one of two project under the Design for Enhanced Exhibitions strand of the Design with Heritage project to receive funding, following the Sandpit Event on February 27th 2013.

The aim of Your Tour is to provide a prototype for an exhibition or gallery information system. The intention is to develop a device (or an app) to deliver informations that enhances visitor’s experience by providing personalised, audio, visual and text content. In place of conventional systems that rely on explicit inputting of personal profiles, the system will use real-time monitoring of visitor behaviour combined with tracking of their location to infer their preferences and potential interests. A content management and delivery system will then use this information to provide individual and adaptive gallery tours.

One of the team members, The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, provides a specific museum scenario in which such a system could provide an enhanced experience for visitors. The project will be focused around this museum for development and experimental testing of the of the prototype system.

It is hoped that the study could have multiple implications for curators and for how visitors are presented with gallery information, with the potential to make a significant difference to their enjoyment of galleries and exhibitions.