This section is used by Design with Heritage investigators for sharing resources and highlighting related work. Posts here relate to our interests in knowledge exchange, interactive design, conservation, museum display and policy. Some posts will stem from conversations in the discussion forum .

AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hubs


Knowledge Exchange Hubs, working as consortia, will connect excellent research in the arts and humanities with a range of creative and cultural organisations to generate new and exciting knowledge exchange opportunities, foster entrepreneurial talent and stimulate innovation and contribute to the development of the UK’s Creative Economy

Registration is now open for The Creative Exchange Interactive Knowledge Exchange Conference at Lancaster University, 26th-27th September 2013.

Nesta Digital R&D Fund


The Digital Research & Development Fund for Arts and Culture is a partnership between the Arts Council England, Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTA to support arts and cultural organisations across England who want to work with digital technologies to expand their audience reach and engagement and/or explore new business models

Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

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The consultation paper gathered views on various issues impacting the cultural and creative industries in Europe, from business environment to the need to open up a common European space for culture, from capacity building to skills development and promotion of European creators on the world stage.

Trendswatch 2013: Back to the Future

TrendsWatch 2013 final cover only

TrendsWatch 2013 highlights six trends that Centre for the Future of Museums staff and advisors believe are highly significant to museums and their communities, based on their scanning and analysis over the past year. For each trend, they provide a brief summary, list examples of how the trend is playing out in the world, comment on the trend’s significance to society and to museums specifically, and suggest ways that museums might respond.

Three Dimensional Policy

BIG Report

A Big innovation Centre Report: ‘Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D’ highlights some serious barriers and risks to the growth of 3D printing, and argues that government must address these issues speedily if Britain is to avoid being left behind. 3D printing will need a far more flexible intellectual property framework, a rethink on how or whether the internet is regulated, and new types of infrastructure that merge digital and physical worlds. This report calls for the government to take note of these dramatic changes, and to begin developing a policy plan for 3D printing before it is overtaken by events.

Classifying and Measuring the Creative Industries: a consultation on proposed changes

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have been working with partners (NESTA, Creative Skillset and Creative and Cultural Skills), to review and update the classification used in the DCMS Creative Industries Economic Estimates (CIEE). They intend to use this review “Classifying and Measuring the Creative Industries”, as an objective starting point to suggest which occupations and industries should be included in the updated DCMS classification. DCMS are inviting input from interested parties until midnight on June 14th 2013.

Steve Museum

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Steve is a collaboration of museum professionals and others who believe that social tagging may provide profound new ways to describe and access cultural heritage collections and encourage visitor engagement with collection objects. Our activities include researching social tagging and museum collections; developing open source software tools for tagging collections and managing tags; and engaging in discussion and outreach with members of the community who are interested in implementing social tagging for their own collections.

Digital Media at V&A


The Digital Media team is responsible for delivering the V&A’s digital content to the web and mobile. Read their blog about the work they do in improving digital media delivery for V&A audiences and the digital content, products and services they provide.

Installation Art: Who Cares?

Installation Art: Who Cares?

This film explores the maintenance and conservation of contemporary visual art is a new challenge for museums and art conservators. More and more artists have taken leave of the painter’s brushes and are moving on to new media, such as video. Or they are making installations of transient materials like polystyrene, wax and scotch tape. Can these works be saved for the art lovers of the future?