Rapid Prototype Collection Complete

The collection of Rapid Prototypes for the Materials Migrations project is finally complete and ready to be artificially aged.


Collection of sculptures designed by Tom Lomax

Tom Lomax’ artwork, designed specifically for this project, has been printed in six different materials, using four technologies. These are: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), ZCorp 3D printing (white and colour), Stereo Lithography (SLA) and Objet Polyjet, all chosen due to their popularity amongst the artists and designers participating in our survey.

The design intention of the sculpture was to challenge the limitations of RP technologies and materials, although we ultimately discovered that those limits were somewhat closer than first anticipated. The original design had to be altered, with the overall size increasing and the material thickness increasing disproportionately from 0.5mm to almost 1.5 at its thinnest part.


Colour ZCorp print of sculpture

The artworks, along with the cup that was scanned by team member Sarah Younan at the University of Cardiff and printed four times, in three different materials, have been placed in a light box at the V&A. Here they will be artificially aged under the light, in order to observe any changes in the collection.

03.09.13 Ageing

The reference collection in the light box