Materials Migrations: First Stage Drawings

Below are some images and drawings produced by artist Tom Lomax.  He is developing this design for a sculpture which will be printed as part of Materials Migrations and will become one of the two test objects for this comparative study of Rapid Prototype technologies and materials.

Tom talks us through his process:


Chosen Symbol


 “In the recent past I have been interested in the shapes and forms that are derived from short hand notations, signs and symbols that denote objects or events or both. Here I have been drawn to the symbols that denote the processes and apparatus used in alchemy. The sign or symbol is the departure point in my desire to create new aesthetic sculptural forms.

Eventually I chose the “ahenum cauldron” sign to use as my motif. The idea of this image suggest to me an affinity with the creative process of searching for new and exciting aesthetic forms that I would like the sculptures to evoke.”


first stage drawiings_no text-3b


“In order to eventually manipulate these 2D forms into 3D printed sculptures, I need to produce a clean sharp edged raster image of the motif, so the motif can be vectorised, (given magnitude and direction) which is necessary to allow the motif to be imported into the CAD program, where it can be manipulated into three dimensions.”



Underlying geometry of final sculpture      Wire frame drawing generated from geometry structure


“Once imported into the CAD program I improvise with other geometrical and linear dynamic structures that relate to the structure of the motif or are suggested to me intuitively as the process evolves or as one geometry or structure suggest or negates the next. These structures become the underlying paths and routes that the organic development of the form will generate around. The arrival of this final underlying structure is usually the result of many hours of improvisation, sometimes playful sometimes systematic.”


first stage drawiings_no text-7    Coloured planes of final form


CAD rendered


“These show various renderings from the CAD program of these exploration which can in themselves  become a departure point for future paintings or 2D images.

Once the final form has been decided, the 3D CAD model has to be prepared for manufacture in a different software which I am at present ready to proceed with.”