Making of the Materials Migrations Film

The physical processes of the Materials Migrations project are being documented and made into a pair of films by artist Onya McCausland. These will act as a public engagement tool aiming to demystify the process of 3d printing from concept through to production.
Much of the filming took place within the Rapid Prototyping workshops of the Bartlett (UCL) and the Royal College of Art, as well as at the studio of artist Tom Lomax who designed one of the sculptures that features in the film. Subsequent filming and editing is being done in the artist’s studio and at the Slade. Onya’s ‘script’ for the film details how the production of the film will be executed:

Two films detailing processual actions at key stages integral to 3D printing. The films will focus on material (both physical and digital) and follow the transformation of matter into form. Each film highlights a distinct material and method of manufacture.

Film 1
Following the development of raw material (plaster mix) alongside the development of digital data, amalgamating into a3D printed form.

Film 2
Sterolithography (SLA)
Tracing the same series of stages as film 1 using the photopolymer resin: Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 material.


1. Raw unformed material (plaster powder (film 1)/ photopolymer resin (film 2))
Close up sequence of raw materials ie suspended in air/as liquid. Intended to be an
examination of the unformed materials as a support.

2. Digital data files generated from Toms reworking (using CAD) of a 17th century
pen drawing lifted from the internet. Sequence the generation of CAD drawings
alongside ASCII files (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and G

3. Transportation of files as they appear/are used at the manufacture site/computer

4. Printing: Visualising details of the mechanistic layering, building and curing of

5. Object : sequences of the final printed object.

 6. Ageing: A series of time-lapse photographs taken during the degradation process.

Each sequence will focus on specific details of materials and their change of condition
as the process unfolds. The details will be connected in a cycle that will gradually
build up and piece together the journey digital and physical material make from one
state through to another.

Watershed 1

Still from film of clear SLA model surrounded by support structure

Watershed ghost

Still from film of clear SLA model being printed in liquid polymer