Jumpstart Event

Friday 18th February 2013



The Design with Heritage Jumpstart event was held at The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London on Friday 18th January 2013. The purpose of the event was to launch the project and set an agenda for the activities of the project over the next twelve months. encourage participants to explore the relevance of their work within academia, business, policy and display. The event will be a steer for the feasibility projects by identifying key areas of interest within the themes of Enhanced Exhibitions and Augmented Artefacts. Read a full account of the Jumpstart event here.

Research Sandpit

Wednesday 27th February 2013



The Sandpit approach to collaboration is intended to bring together people who would not normally interact, but who have shared creative interests. The Design with Heritage event was is an opportunity to develop short-term collaborative projects to field test ideas for digital design in exhibition spaces. The event was attended by 36 participants with backgrounds in architecture, conservation, design, curation, digital recording and modelling. The Sandpit was an opportunity to propose new ideas for digital design in heritage institutions, to take work into a new context, to access resources and make connections. Read a full account of the Design with Heritage Research Sandpit here.