Design with Heritage is a Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange Project funded for twelve months by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). It is a collaboration between the Bartlett Faculty of Built Environment, University College London and the Victoria & Albert Museum. If you have any questions or would like further information about Design with Heritage, please contact the Project Coordinator in the first instance.

University College London


The Bartlett is UCL’s world-leading faculty for multidisciplinary education and research for the built environment. Eight sections cover the full spectrum of built environment domains, including architecture, complex built environment systems, construction and project management, development planning, energy, town planning, space and spatial analysis, and sustainable resources. The Centre for Sustainable Heritage is an interdisciplinary team focused on research and teaching in sustainable heritage and heritage science.

Design with Heritage at University College London

The Principal Investigator for Design with Heritage is Professor May Cassar, Director of UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage:

Design with Heritage is an intriguing and exciting project that uses digital design to push the boundaries of our understanding of objects and exhibitions to enhance our connection to heritage. The question I would like Design with Heritage to answer is how it will change our understanding of deterioration and conservation in a digital environment.

The Co-Investigator for Design for Augmented Artefacts is Dr Matija Strlic, Senior Lecturer at UCL Centre for Sustainable Heritage:

I am thrilled by the interface between material and digital. Transformation of material into digital reveals new layers of information engaging visitors, scholars, conservators and scientists. Transformation of digital into material, such as rapid prototyping, questions the divide between material and digital design, and has yet to be fully explored in heritage science and conservation. These are exciting times.

The Lead Investigator for Design for Enhanced Exhibitions is Professor Stephen Gage, Professor of Innovative Technology at Bartlett School of Architecture.

Victoria & Albert Museum


Research is a core activity of the Victoria and Albert Museum helping to develop the public understanding of the art and artefacts of many of the great cultures of the world. The Research Department facilitates and develops research into the V&A’s collections and connects the Museum to the wider world of research in Art and Design.

The Conservation Department is responsible for the preservation, conservation, investigation and display of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collections. Combining an expert knowledge of material science, outstanding practical expertise and underpinned by scientific analysis and research, staff are able to interpret deteriorated surfaces, evaluate the provenance, authenticity and restoration history of an object. Using this knowledge we can help the Museum find new and innovative ways to display the collections, establish safe transit of objects when touring exhibitions nationally and internationally whilst still ensuring that they are safeguarded for future generations.

Design with Heritage at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The Co-Investigator for Design for Enhanced Exhibitions is Dr Glenn Adamson, Head of Research:

Museums face unprecedented challenges due to the ever-expanding digital sphere. Traditional models of expertise, research, and even object storage are changing rapidly. Design itself is increasingly a digital field, raising questions about collecting and preservation for the future. On the other hand the same technologies offer new ways to connect with audiences, whether they are visiting a museum’s galleries in person or are halfway around the world. Our collaborative research project with UCL is ideally positioned to address these fascinating and complex issues, and will doubtless generate ideas that will be implemented at the V&A and many other museums in the future.

The Lead Investigator for Design for Augmented Artefacts in Dr Boris Pretzel, Head Scientist and V&A activities are Coordinated by Sandra Smith, Head of Conservation:

Preservation and presentation of collections in museums has traditionally limited the interaction of the visitor with the collections predominantly to the visual. Design and modern technologies can be used to enhance the visitor experience by providing access to more information about the collections, their original technology, to recreate movement, sound etc. This project offers the potential to use new technologies to inspire visitors to explore the collections from new perspectives and to understand how modern technologies and new materials are shaping the museum collections of the future.

Knowledge Exchange Partners

Design with Heritage is a Knowledge Exchange project. Through our feasibility projects and discussions we will form new partnerships with enterprise, heritage institutions and research institutions.

Jason Bruges Studio


Jason Bruges Studio has become internationally renowned for producing innovative installations, interventions and ground breaking works. This practice involves creating interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the world of architecture, site specific installation art and interaction design. Considered a pioneer of this hybrid in-between space, Jason has subsequently paved the way for a new genre of design studios, artists and designer-makers. Jason Bruges is on the Advisory Board for Design with Heritage

Sample & Hold


sample & hold is a 3D scanning service company with offices in central London and North Yorkshire. They use the latest 3D scanning hardware and software and we are continuously developing new solutions in the studio for a wide variety of 3D scanning applications. Chris Cornish from sample & hold is working on Play it Again, SAM.



FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the UK’s leading media arts centre, based in Liverpool. FACT is a partner on the Your Tour feasibility study.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts


The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA) is an inspirational public art museum at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. It houses the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection, the Anderson Collection of Art Nouveau and the University Collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art, Architecture and Design. SCVA is a partner and test site for the Your Tour project.

Onya McCausland

Onya McCausland is a practising artist and Honorary Research Assistant in Graduate Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. She is involved with the project Turning Landscapes into Colour. Onya’s painting focuses on how physical materials and their histories effect the production and meaning of art, her work explores the origins of earth materials in the landscape and their use in painting. Onya is a partner on the Materials Migrations study.

Tom Lomax

Tom Lomax is a UK based sculptor. His work focuses on 3D colour printed sculptures, digital paintings and research into 3D imaging in fine art practice. Tom is a partner on the Materials Migrations study.

Attendees to Design with Heritage events have included:

Academic Institutions:

University of Huddersfield; University of York; University of Brighton; Royal College of Art; Middlesex University; Cardiff Metropolitan University

Heritage Institutions:

The National Archives; UCL Museums; Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts; FACT Liverpool; Museum of English Rural Life


Squint Opera; Heritage for Transformation; The Workers London; Interactive Places; Space Syntax; Metropolitan Works; Kin Associates